Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

John Adams, Eric Whitacre, and John Powell
Grade 5


Featuring the Music of John Adams, Eric Whitacre, and John Powell
Winds by Carol Chambers
Percussion by Manuel J. Maldonado and Kris Hartman

The concept of Dichotomy/Duality explores the differences and similarities we see in life. This music and visual catalyst allows the band many opportunities to exploit this concept throughout the show.

Part 1 begins with a pre-show that builds into a major band entrance. The band then transitions into Harmonium by John Adams.

Part 2 is a beautiful marching band arrangement of Eric Whitacre's October.

Part 3 is a powerful percussion feature based off of the dance sequence from the movie Happy Feet, originally written by John Powell.

Part 4 is a continuation of the feature through a major marching band entrance that then turns into a driving front ensemble moment. The band comes in one more time to finish out the show. There is also "exit music" if the director chooses to use it.

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